How Can It Help?

Trunkit allows you to carefully send, monitor the parcels, and track your valuables until it arrives at the destination. Use the Trunkit app today to send parcels to your loved ones regardless of the size and frailty. Login to Trunkit using any existing email, enter the origin and destination, and check available drivers with adequate space in their trunks to transport your deliverables safely. Rather than using expensive delivery systems, use Trunkit to send anything ranging from couches to multiple frail boxes, or personalized items to your friends or loved ones.

Top-Tier Features

  • Track and monitor the entire commute of your driver
  • Easily put drop-off details
  • Leverage the chat options to ensure safe delivery
  • Send and parcel any item

Keep Track of the
Entire Trip

When it comes to monitoring and tracking driver's information, Trunkit can help you check the progress. Whether you are sending a giant or small parcel, use the Trunkit app to easily send personal items to anyone and anywhere. With the help of this incredible delivery app, you can check the current status of drivers, schedule the time of your pick-up and drop-off, and track live orders.

Faster Log-In Procedures

By using all the personal details, you can check and send parcels without any blockers. Download Trunkit from the app store, enter your personal information, share your travel commute, and check empty trunk spaces. Trunkit has a simple user interface which allows every user to search for drivers within minutes.

Download the Trunkit App Right Away

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