About Swiftchix

Women the world over can relate to the feeling of having to stress and overthink the process of undertaking the simplest of tasks. Whether it’s traveling for work, going to buy groceries or even taking a walk down a crowded street, safety and personal space are always a concern.

Swiftchix is a ride share and transport app designed to cater exclusively to women promising secure and stress free transportation and commute regardless of time or location. All drivers registered are women, greatly reducing any potential threats or hazards.

Swiftchix Features for Users

  • Convenient Customized Ride Selection
  • Guaranteed Safety and Comfort for Women
  • Hassle Free Payment Options
  • Time and Rate Estimates for Rides

By Women for Women

Swiftchix is an app based service that is run by women and for women. Unlike other online rideshare and transportation services, Swiftchix only registers and employs female drivers in order to safeguard the interests of their users. By doing so, Swiftchix eliminates the potential threat of inappropriate and sexist behavior, as well as the potential for harm assault or mishap. Cab services for women do not get better than this!

Security for Everyone

The Swiftchix app ensures the safety of users and app registered female drivers alike. Men are not accepted as drivers or passengers which means women using Swiftchix services as well as those registered as drivers may go about their business with no stress relating to safety or space.

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