PDPM r-Selector

The PDPM r-Selector app makes patient management easy for those in the medical and healthcare profession, specializing in fields including but not limited to nursing and therapy. Classification groups include physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech language pathology (SLP), Non-Therapy Ancillary and Nursing.

The app helps professionals streamline management and determine PDPM reimbursement rates, reducing errors, saving time and making patient case management a whole lot simpler. Apart from this the app provides other features to facilitate healthcare professionals and teams in providing adequate holistic care to patients.

PDPM r-Selector FeaturesUser

  • Efficient Care Planning
  • Patient Info and Profiles
  • PDPM Category Calculator
  • IPA Decisions and Team Coordination

Optimizing Healthcare Management

Though PDPM has been established as a fair and extremely efficient standard for the payment of healthcare treatment, it can sometimes be tricky for healthcare professionals to integrate. The PDPM r-Selector app is designed to help professional medical teams with just this.

By offering features such as detailed patient medical profile creation, HIPPA compliant patient information sharing, reimbursement rate calculators and plan determining tools, the app makes PDPM management a breeze for the team.

Keeping the Team Connected

The PDPM r-Selector app ensures that your patients are well-cared for at every step of the treatment phase. PDPM categories can be determined with ease using pre-stored information and profiles can be altered and updated with ease. With a user-friendly interface and easy to use features, this medical is an extremely useful tool.

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