About Click-a-Wash

Getting a car wash is not always an easy or convenient process. Most people wait for the weekends to do so, which means car washes all around are packed with customers. The result? Long wait periods and sometimes, no car wash at all! Click-a-Wash is an app designed to help solve this problem.

Without having to waste time and physically visit the wash or keep trying to get through over the phone, the Click-a-Wash app allows you to schedule your car wash visits well in advance. You simply feed in the required details, look up listed car washes and book your appointment. Having your car washed could not be simpler!

Click-a-Wash Features For User

  • GPS Based Carwash Searches
  • In-App Carwash Booking Options
  • Listed Service Selection
  • Booking and Usage Summaries

Car Wash Selection Services

The car wash selection service allows users to handpick which car wash service provider they would like to work with. Potential car wash businesses can be located by name as well as by location or proximity. Users will also be able to review information on the businesses they are interested in and will gain access to details on available car wash packages that are being offered. The car wash service selection option helps users find car wash services that are ideal by way of both price and proximity.

Service Selection and Summary

The Click-a-Wash app provides users with numerous potential service options that can be added and removed from user lists at will. The app also offers users a detailed booking summary so that they may double check particulars before locking in their requests. This helps reduce errors making the entire carwash booking process convenient and simple.

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