About Jumplog

This applications will provide paratroopers a platform to record the information about their jumps. The application will allow them log their time, performance and provide as well as allow them to compare their experiences. Jumplog will also present a detailed document with all the information regarding your jump, which you can share on different platforms via email. With about the type of plane and parachute, users will have a comprehensive report about all their jumps.

Jumplog Features For Users

The user will be able to record every jump as a paratrooper.

  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Jump History
  • Log The Jump
  • Send Via Email
  • Download As PDF

Manage Jump History

The users will be able to access their jump history and manage the records according to their preference. The feature makes it easier for the users to manage and access the information about each and every jump.

Some of the features of this section are:

  • Easy Access to Information of Every Jump
  • Maintained Record of Every Jump as a Paratrooper

Log the Jump

There will be the jump log form which the user will be able to fill and save it with in the application. The jump log form will ask for the information like the one mentioned below:

  • Date
  • Parachute Type
  • Airplane Type
  • Location

Send Via Email

The application will include the functionality which will allow the paratroopers to send the saved information about their jump via email to anyone.

Download the Jump Log App

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