About Hilo

Hilo can be defined as a consumer-branded digital platform that makes community and workplace experiences better by reinventing means of engagement. Areas focused on by Hilo include the workplace, local surroundings, communities and buildings or residences.

By bringing together culture, social engagement, amenities, business market places and building information, Hilo works as a comprehensive platform that helps users make informed decisions and stay connected to their surroundings in the best way.

Hilo Features for User

  • Exclusive Reward Access
  • Direct Connection with Building Management
  • Amenity and Service Discovery
  • Two Way Customizable Communication

Community & Engagement

The Hilo app allows users to conduct searches relating to building contacts, amenities, services as well as to directly connect with building managers and support professionals when required. Apart from this, users may access local reviews and receive relevant updates concerning the building being occupied and locate businesses that may be situated nearby or accessible. All in all, the app helps make community integration and engagement a lot easier for users.

Rewards & Incentives

The Hilo mobile app provides users with incentives which include exclusive offers, from surrounding and nearby stores, services and food places. It also rewards users with access to limited capacity events, premium amenities and specialized services available in and around where users are based.

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