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Instead of waiting for hours getting your hair done, customers can leverage the benefits of Barbershop. A customer-friendly mobile app helping customers make appointments and save time for errands. Whether you want book a quick appointment, receive before/after pictures or get numerous loyalty points, you must download the Barbershop app.

Popular Features

  • Book appointments at the comfort of the your home
  • Get numerous loyalty points by frequently booking on the app
  • Access and save pictures from the Barbershop
  • Share check-ins and get multiple points
  • Find a variety of deals

Seamlessly Book Haircut Appointments

The juggernaut team at Design 360 Agency developed Barbershop to make it simpler for everyone to get a haircut without any hassle. With a simple-to-use interface, customers can get the app, check for busy schedules, and book appointments.

Barbershop has a range of incredible features which includes loyalty points, notification alerts on the day of appointments, and receiving pictures.

Get Several
Loyalty Points

Barbershop offers top-notch haircut experience to everyone by saving time and hassle by allowing early appointments. You don't need to go to get a haircut during rush hour and can simply book an appointment based on your schedule. Receive loyalty points everytime you get a haircut using the Barbershop app. It helps you easily organize the appointments, access and collect points while using the offers available on the app.

Download the Barber Shop App Right Away

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