About Anti Scam

echnological advancement has made everything conveniently accessible. The world in the modern era is in the palm of one’s hand. However, it has its vulnerabilities that are often played by scammers at their advantage. It is imperative to know how to avoid such scams, which is what Anti Scam App offers.

The Anti Scam App is a mobile application where users will be able to report on various phone, email, and other ongoing scams. They will also be able to share their opinions, interact with others and learn about various other scams at work.

Anti Scam App For User

  • My Threads
  • My Posts
  • My Favorites
  • My Profile
  • Upload Images
  • Upgrade Account
  • Comment on the thread

My Threads

Upon choosing this option, the users will be taken to the “My Threads” screen. Here, the users will be able to view all the threads they have made.

They will also be able to sort through these threads via the following options:
  • Phone Scams
  • Email Scams
  • Other Scams

Upload Images

The users will be able to post up to three images relevant to the scam that they are making the thread about. Once the users have filled in the relevant fields, they may upload their post by clicking the Post button.

Comment on the Thread

The users will be able to leave a comment on the thread by virtue of the “Write comment” button that resides at the bottom of the screen. Clicking this button will take the users to the write comment screen, where they’ll be able to type out their comments, and either take photos or upload images from their phone to accompany the comment. The users can then post their comments by clicking on the post button, or go back to the thread by clicking on the cancel button.

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